At NICOR, we’re always looking for ways to make your light better. We continue to innovate, challenge our thinking and improve our processes. We look to earn your business by delivering progressive lighting solutions designed to balance value with the highest design performance possible. 

We’re determined to bring you reliable products that provide real solutions. When you choose a NICOR product, you can rest assured you’re getting a product that has been tested to the highest standards available. We’ve taken the guesswork out for you. We take our commitment as a leader of reliability, innovation and excellence seriously because we understand just how important you are.

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The NICOR Team


Low Cost LED SolutionThe ACW LED Wraparound offers general ambient lighting for surface mount ceiling applications. The ACW is the perfect energy-saving replacement for both remodel and new construction in residential and light commercial applications such as kitchens, garages, utility rooms, schools, offices and hospitals. 

Affordable LED Utility Lighting…The WPR is an LED surface mount wrap replacement designed for residential applications. The WPR proves that big things come in small packages by delivering an impressive lumen output without all the extra power draw and lamp replacements seen in fluorescent wraparounds. Perfect for task lighting in garages, large pantries, closets, and hallways. The size and simple installation of the WPR make it a versatile solution ideal for many applications throughout the home.

Flexible LED Commercial HighbayThe HB1 Modular LED High Bay delivers a flexible solution for any commercial or industrial application with its customizable LED light bar system and various precision lens optics packages. The modular advantage of this high performing fixture gives you the design flexibility of directing light exactly where you need it. The HB1 Modular LED High Bay handles mounting heights up to 80 feet and easily operates in a variety of applications, such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, arenas, sports complexes, showrooms, garages, hangars and storage areas, making it an ideal choice.