Recessed LED Commercial Downlight


Housings and frames are a thing of the past with the CLR Commercial Recessed LED Downlight Series. Designed for both new construction and retrofit applications, the CLR Series can be installed directly into drywall, a ceiling grid or an existing 6” or 8” CFL mounting frame with its spring loaded retention tabs and a J-box cable connection. Offering a full range of dimming from 0-10 volts, the base fixture is white but has available trims in nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and black, making it adaptable to most any environment. The versatility of this light source is perfect for commercial applications, such as educational and governmental facilities, retail and grocery lighting, offices or hospitality.

 product information


Cast aluminum heat sink.
Matte white plastic trim.

Optical System

Polystyrene diffuse creates uniform light distribution that reduces glare without sacrificing lumen output.


Universal input 120‐277VAC.
Driver delivers full-range dimming from 0-10VDC.
Silent and flicker-free operation.
Tight LED binning ensures color uniformity.
Operating temperature of 0° to 120°F (-18°C to 49°C).
Meets FCC Part 15, Subpart B, Class A standards for conducted and radiated emissions.
TM-21 Reported L70(10k) life >54,000 hours.
TM-21 Calculated L70(10k) life = 67,000 hours.
LM-79, LM-80 testing performed in accordance with IESNA standards.


Matte white, smooth plastic trim.


Easy installation into most 6” or 8” incandescent or fluorescent frames. Housing or frame not needed for new construction installation. Adjustable, spring loaded retention tabs ensure secure fixture retention. Suitable for wet locations. For installations where power surge may be possible, NICOR recommends installing additional surge protection at the fixture or electrical distribution panel.


5-year limited system warranty standard